Song Of The Day 5/4/2014: Sebalter - "Hunter Of Stars"

I’m Ovision – Eurovision!: IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! It came upon me like a thief! It's time for the Eurovision Song Contest you guys! That singular sweepstakes held every year since 1956 in which diplomats, ambassadors, Russell Brand and Robespierre convene to pick the one song that represents the best popular music Europe has to offer up to its former colonies and Arctic outposts! And every year, every single year when the Eurovision Song Contest comes around, you just gotta throw the history book out the window! (Which is fine 'cause most of it's about white imperialism and involuntary conversions to Catholicism.) And if you want to find all 37 nominated songs in one spot -- well, this week I got six. But trust me, I scoured YouTube far and wide to find the six Eurosongs that I knew would connect most with my readership. Who are all in Springfield, Missouri. In a little room. They say it's like a dungeon but I think they're just worrywarts.

Our first nominated song this week is from Switzerland, and I love Sebalter's "Hunter of Stars" so much there's no way I could be neutral about it! One great thing about the Eurovision Song Contest is that it honors every single language on the continent, as long as they speak English. And "Hunter of Stars" is defiantly, proudly phrased in the kind of broken English you only find in Sasha Baron Cohen movies and Louisiana:
Looking for a candidate
You have an option, only one choice
Sipping my drink, looking around
There's so much beauty, yes we can
Yes, we can. We can definitely beauty. We don't want to hostility, and we really don't want to crime, but we are all down for beautying and camaraderieing. Please enjoy the official video clip for this song, in which the head Sebalter plays the worst concierge in Zurich, gets demoted to clerk, then loses that gig due to unmentionable acts involving pasta, then finally wins the surly hotel manager over with his irrepressible tunesmithing and whistling. Viva La Eurovision, achtung!

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