Song Of The Day 5/9/2014: TWIN TWIN - "Moustache"

I’m Ovision – Eurovision!: The final song in my series on the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is from France. According to Eurovision tradition the entry from France is automatically advanced to the finals every year along with Britain, Spain and other countries which are not former Soviet holdings, destinations for tanning enthusiasts, consumed by snow or dwarfed by the Alps. TWIN TWIN, who like ABBA realizes that 80% of success is forgetting to turn off Caps Lock, cops some 'tude and comically controlled chaos just like LMFAO, which of course is short for "Laughing My French Ass Off."

This was narrowly chosen as the wrap-up for this series over the official nominee from Belarus, by a gentleman named Teo, titled "Cheesecake." It's also a goblet full of content-free, gunk-dotted froth, no doubt at least partially borne via the over-reaching reach-around of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." Ultimately factoring in my decision not to feature that song on this page was the terrible position my friends would have been put in, as they would have somberly gathered in an undisclosed location to make the gut-wrenching decision about who was going to have to shoot me. If it ever gets to that point just ask me because I do have preferences, most of them farsighted or prone to fainting spells.

All right, well that's it, then. Eurovision Song Contest Week is done, at least from where I stand. I guess in Copenhagen the memories are just beginning. Let me know if you win and I'll hit you up for a loan.

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