The Saturday Boy 7/26/2014: Man, It's A Wham!

Like any responsible online musical outlet and public access channel, I tinker with the programming options on the blog when I think I could be serving you more nimbly and effectively. Sometimes these decisions result in hellish spirals of enveloping self-doubt and recrimination. But sometimes they work and everyone wins, or comes out a net-positive, or at least doesn't die. Which is my long way of saying: Hey guys! New feature!

A few times over the last year I tried New Music Week as a theme for Song Of The Day and felt it wasn't working for a few reasons: (a) There's something patronizing about schlepping out new music only seven days each quarter; (b) I felt the artists were being underserved by my quick and sometimes jokey explanatory text, necessary because of the length and attitudinal constraints I've lowered upon myself; and (c) They were ratings downers. I don't know why. I thought the internet was chock full of excited risk-takers infatuated with the variety of the world around them and who never have a bad thing to say about anybody ever.

My solution takes care of all that crap: A bi-weekly Spotify playlist of new or fairly recent music that I have heard and decided I liked. I figured we'd put it up every other Saturday. So I decided to give it a name, "The Saturday Boy" after a Billy Bragg song, lie back and watch millions of teeming ants, I mean people, flocking to the shining and benevolent porch light of an instant brand. This might be the kind of music I'd play right now on KAOS if I hadn't bombed the hell out of that bridge. I went over the head of the Board Of Directors for this one because I'm fighting for you, little guy.

Here's the debut and some image I copped. The subtitled catchphrase is randomly generated, not much more than a verbal MacGuffin. Don't read into it. Enjoy.

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