Song Of The Day 7/4/2014: Lee Fields & The Expressions - "Eye To Eye"

New Music Week: In regards to Paddy McAloon of Prefab Sprout, who was just here a few days ago, some well-meaning (I'm sure) scribe said his newest work was so good it should give hope to artists over the age of 50. As if the minute you turn 50 your creativity starts to ramp down, like when NFL running backs hit 30 or actresses playing Little Orphan Annie hit 11. I understand the intent behind that remark -- he was only trying to be helpful, I think -- but it struck me as an odd thing to say. I think autumnal artists are actually pretty hot right now. Autumn's my favorite season. It's a fairly okay age range too. It's that period when you've gone through just enough to be able to spit knowledge back at young people who usually have the decency to pretend they're listening to you attentively. Then you can go back to your van and turn in for the night, knowing that you've made an impact on the younger generation.

Lee Fields was born in 1951 and has been doing soul music favorably compared to James Brown since 1969. In recent years, like Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley, he's had the his most success yet. That is because he makes jaw-kicking great albums like Emma Jean, recorded with the Expressions, the house band for Truth & Soul Records in Brooklyn who've backed up Aloe Blacc and others in the past. (There's another thing: House bands are coming back! I need to be in one of these house bands! Anybody got a house band?) I almost randomly chose "Eye To Eye" to represent the Emma Jean album because, truthfully, there is no way to single out a track from it. It's all excellent. It should really provide a lot of hope for every artist out there over the age of three.

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