Song Of The Day 8/7/2014: Delaney & Bonnie - "Groupie (Superstar)"

How Original: Bonnie Bramlett and Leon Russell wrote "Groupie," and Bramlett's original version of it with her then-husband Delaney was a good deal saucier than the version recorded by The Carpenters under the slightly less derogatory title "Superstar." By losing the title "Groupie" you lose a lot of the salacious context, but you can still guest on The Andy Williams Show. Priorities.

Bramlett's version doesn't gloss over the details Karen hosed off. One key word change in particular: In the Carpenters' version Karen sings "I can hardly wait to be with you again." Bramlett doesn't cut corners - with her the line is "I can hardly wait to sleep with you again." Karen, lovely singer that she was, depended heavily on the virginal counterpoint. Whereas Bramlett knew exactly why she was there in the first place. Her cornea-scratching vocals also took me aback. These aren't candy-hearted restatements of inexperience calling for a girl's prom date to resurface after Vietnam. This is guttural, pinpoint sexual rage. And it's the superstar's prerogative to make sure this girl's either clutched to his side or at least 100 yards away by certified order.
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