Song Of The Day 8/9/2014: PP Arnold - "The First Cut Is the Deepest"

How Original: I'm a little late with today's SOTD by about two hours -- normally these suckers go up at the crack of midnight with sparkling precision -- but I was caught in a big socialization thing and hadn't preprogrammed today's song like I normally would. You can also blame this on Mike Love. (Actually you can blame just about anything on Mike Love.) His name came up, and before we knew it we were spending valuable conversation time discussing how much he's messed things up for all of us. We're planning an opera about him. It's called "Bow." As in "ba-bow-bow-bow." Get it? Man, it's been a long day.

Cat Stevens wrote this weeper, but PP Arnold's recording came out a few months before his did. In later years everybody did it, and by everybody I mean Rod Stewart and Sheryl Crow. I like PP's version nominally better than either of those, since it sounds as if she's really been cut, and it was provisionally deep.

I'm beat. I haven't seen a couch in 24 hours. Tomorrow we start the Quarterly Covers Report and I've got to crunch the Greek numbers in the morning.

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