Song Of The Day 8/10/2014: Mojo Nixon - "Girlfriend In a Coma"

Quarterly Covers Report: You wouldn't really know it from this particular blog, but for most of the last four months I've been doing investigatory work on Morrissey. First there was his autobiography, which was well on the way to being one of the best rock autobiographies I'd ever read until it went on a 50-page diversion about a court case he lost in which he dismantled opposing judges, lawyers and plaintiffs. Kind of stopped it cold. As it stands it's now merely a very good book. Then the folks at Treble did a feature on the Smiths in which I surprisingly volunteered to review 12 songs from their influential catalog. I gained a new respect for what they accomplished. Then I reviewed the latest Morrissey album, which left me as cold as Mozz himself apparently remains.

My requisite work on alternative music's beloved borderline personality now at its completion, I hereby reset my musical barometer with Mojo Nixon's blissfully crass takedown of the Smiths' "Girlfriend In a Coma." Some things you do for love.
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