Song Of The Day 8/15/2014: The Squirrels - "Seasons In The Sun/The Hustle"

Quarterly Covers Report: Ah, the Squirrels. The story of the greatest novelty band in Seattle history is fraught with the tears of felled innocents, bones fractured in heretofore unperceived locations, dine-and-dashes that ended in pedestrian fatalities, missed connector flights that led to the late delivery of fragile organs for foiled transplants, and ransoms collected via extortion of family members and personal friends who discovered too late their loyalties were misbegotten. And that's just how they dealt with booking managers.

I'm kidding, of course: The Squirrels knew no booking managers. Anyway, going back to the general source of Monday's SOTD from Cheer-Accident, The Squirrels offered today's selection up to Pravda Records' 20 More Explosive Fantastic Rockin' Mega Smash Hit Explosions, and like all great pop records it was built on the back of child labor. Their version of Jacques Brel's "Seasons In the Sun" as originally distorted by Terry Jacks is sung in the voice of an actual boy of indeterminate age, bringing a wistful purity to the unctious memories of childhood play and those mysterious flasks they always found between the cushions. And then, these things end as they always do. I'll just let you sit back and sip it in, like The Squirrels' recording engineers did, except I think they were forced to gulp.

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