Song Of The Day 8/16/2014: Joe Pesci - "Got To Get You Into My Life"

Quarterly Covers Report: Citing the Discogs entry for the 1968 Brunswick release Little Joe Sure Can Sing:
Discovered by "Jack Lewis" at the "Palm Garden" in New York's Harlem. Released under the stage name "Joe Ritchie". Front cover and labels state artist is "Little Joe".
The last time I saw so many uses of quotation marks in a sentence my parents were "discussing" potential "fallback jobs" for my "music career." It reads like nobody wants to reveal the true proper nouns of the places and people involved. However, I can safely say without fear of "sleeping with the fishes" that "Little Joe," "Joe Ritchie," whoever, was actually Joe Pesci, launching his entertainment career with the gift of song before blossoming in Martin Scorsese films. And, uh, Home Alone. Mustn't forget Home Alone, even if we want to.

LJSCS included three Beatles covers -- along with this, he warbled "Fixing A Hole" and "Fool On The Hill." But it's "Got To Get You Into My Life" where Little Joe shucks the most convincing jive, sassifying his personal journey, holding back his vibrato until he can no longer swallow, and saying "Ooooh!" like he's just bitten into a satisfying lemon chiffon cake, or discovered brain matter in his trunk, I can't decide which. This special "Shinebox Edit" was manually adjusted with an inserted coda that's the very epitome of inevitability.

And that wraps up this Quarterly Covers Report. I hope you had a good time. But not too good. What am I, funny like a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? What do you mean "funny"? "Funny" how? (That coda, too, was inevitable.)

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