The Saturday Boy 10/18/2014: Deify The Fail

I completely forgot this was happening today. Ah, geez. Well, let's hurriedly put some explanatory text together, shall we? Something pithy, something evocative. All right! You start.

Fine. In today's new music playlist we have iceage kissing up to the big guy, Luke James & Rick Ross picking up the loose chads, Julian Casablancas + the Voidz being self-consciously 8-bit, Hamilton Leithauser doing the kind of music that's going to get every time, Flying Lotus doing the kind of music that's going to get me every time but in this case I mean it's actually going to catch up to me running away and pound me in the spine with a mallet, Aphex Twin just because, and Vashti Bunyan for much the same reason. Also Octave Minds with Chance the Rapper and some other people, Death From Above 1979, Perfume Genius, Perfect Pussy and Caribou.

Just listen to it, ok thx.
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