Song Of The Day 10/6/2014: Rävjunk - "Bohman Bohman"

Foreign Underground: The sprightly punk band Rävjunk came from Uppsala, Sweden, which as I hear tell is something of a world center for pagan arts and sciences. There was an ancient temple in Old Uppsala, filled with wooden statues of Norse gods, that was a one-stop shop for incinerating bodies to hasten their ascent to Valhalla, still my favorite post-mortem destination. They also had some human sacrifices, a deadly immersion ritual and, on the third Saturday of every month, a Texas Hold Em tournament. Peril to anyone who read Thor's poker face. Anyway, they burned the temple down and put up a parking lot. Or whatever they put up in 12th century Scandianavia. So a Woolworth's, probably.

Rävjunk is Swedish for "fox piss," and the band apparently took that name after their drummer offered his opinion on a particularly bad cup of coffee he had one morning. They thrust out an album and some singles, including "Bohman, Bohman," a jab at a Swedish politician of the time. Presumably it was Gösta Bohman (1911-97) who was the leader of, and I'm quoting Wikipedia here, "the Swedish liberal conservative Moderate Party," for those who want to have their cake and eat, tax, centralize and deregulate it too.

Liberal, free and freaky Swedish radio in fact banned "Bohman, Bohman" for mocking a political party leader. "Was it banned on American radio too?" my daughter asked me this evening, followed by my fatherly explanation of what a "moot point" is.

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