Song Of The Day 10/9/2014: À 3 Dans Les WC - "Contagion"

Foreign Underground: This band's name translates roughly to "A Threesome In the Restroom." Or maybe it's just "Three In the Restroom," but the range of experiences any particular three would be having in a restroom is somewhat limited. Or come to think of it, rather expansive. Anyway, no need to be coy about it, right? From what I can tell of them from their website, which is official enough looking to suggest that they still exist, at least in our hearts, the principal founders of this band met at a church party in 1977 where they "mingle(d) around a lumchi." No idea what a lumchi is.

In fact, I'm warming up to the idea of just handing the narrative of today's group over to Google's English translation of the band's French-language website, because I'm lazy and I think that's how they would want it. So:

In 1978 "a rock festival is brewing in the outskirts of Saint-Quentin. The organizer is looking for local groups to go to the snack pipe opening Starshooter Phone and Bijou." So these five people get together, play this thing, then after graduation, "this is decided on weekend rehearsals. It remains to find a place. There is an old artisan workshop filled with boxes. We do Instead we insonorisons with cartons, we install the equipment, and that's a rehearsal." This shit writes itself, it really does.

Later on in their career, "the group is selected to participate in a 'Hollywood Chewing Gum' contest at a nightclub near Lille, Macumba." Also, "Crabs begin to land." They signed a contract in 1980 - "Fifteen pages plus four pages of addendum!!" But in 1981 things got worse "Jean-Christophe / Gègéne our Gideon us, am getting tired of all this work in a vacuum, with no real result, always a little wanker and precarious. Also it makes us a plan I met God, he is 'Mormon' and withdraws at the end of the year."

Finally, "Meanwhile in Minneapolis, Prince also experiences the Linn Drum."

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