Song Of The Day 10/10/2014: Male - "Kontrollabschnitt"

Foreign Underground: Well, we're totally flying blind on this one. I blame myself, since Male's name is similar to a popular physiological precondition (that's seen better days), and I could have picked somewhat more distinctive and less likely to offer Google results that my kids aren't ready to oversee. I can tell you they were from Düsseldorf. Hey, that's it: I'll add "Düsseldorf" to the search string and see what happens...

Ah! There we go. A discography. In German. So I gotta use the Google Translate again. Let's see... established in December 1976. "Therefore one of the first German punk bands. They made soon attracted attention with her(?) style inspired by The Clash and granted at their performances in 1979." Then it gets a little confrontational: "What expectations did you label the Düsseldorf record store rock on the plate remains unclear, because the band was in the studio rock'n'roll standards harassed but einzuspielen instead of wasting time on a dub version." Gee, way to slag on Studio One, komrade. Okay... I'm gathering that they might have broken up in 1980 or so, and a couple of them went more New Wave. "Jürgen Engler and Bernward Malaka founded the Krupp and declared: 'If you take a guitar in her hand committing a nostalgic act.'" They reunited in 1991 when they "met new studio recordings," then toured again in 2002. We're still waiting on the album Germany In Autumn, or Deutschland im Herbst. Don't hold your breath.

I'm going to go apply for that administrative assistant job at the U.N. now.
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