Song Of The Day 10/12/2014: Wilco - "Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)"

You Pick The Artist II: Six months ago when I didn't feel like coming up with new ideas for Song Of The Day, I just asked my Facebook friends to throw me some artists via comments, I'd pick one of their songs, ostensibly my "favorite," and use them as SOTD for the week. This technique worked so well and gave this blog's readers such a nice simulation of interaction that I thought we'd turn it into an every-six-months thing. So last Friday I issued the hit order on Facebook, got seven artists I could work with (mostly from the '80s, if my age hasn't properly showed itself on here yet), and shazam: This week's programming, like the best Shakespeare, practically writes itself.

Mat Peppard shot up his hand faster than Horshack (that's from the '70s) and gave me Wilco, probably my favorite popular American band of the last 20 years. They never do anything wrong. Even R.E.M. did a wrong thing once. Wilco never has. Somebody tried to tell them they did something wrong, but it was Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, and not only did it turn out they didn't do that wrong, it was their popular breakthrough, and the people who said they were wrong were sentenced to hard labor at a shoe store.

I jumped onboard with Being There, which was a 2-CD set, extremely rare for 1996. For today I almost went with "Misunderstood," since that was a song that seemed to unite my tribe of music industry underlings at the time. Although YHF remains one of my favorite albums ever, the Wilco album I tend to go back to the most whenever the situation calls for it is Summerteeth, since it has maybe the most immediate pop music they ever did. I had to flip through a few options on that one, finally deciding on "Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)," since it contains the funniest parenthetical grammar joke ever released on a Warner Brothers subsidiary label.

By the way, thought it would be a great career move to include a little Spotify playlist with this song and some of my other Wilco favorites. It doesn't contain a lot of surprises, so go ahead and do some high-risk carpentry with this in the background.

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