Song Of The Day 10/19/2014: James Brown - "King Heroin"

Cautionary Tales: I thought I'd jump in on the current trend of telling people what to do with their lives. This week I'm putting up six songs about things you really shouldn't be doing, and the terrible things that could result should you not take heed as prescribed in these songs and do them anyway.

I realize pop music, especially the rock-based kind, espouses freedom and liberty and not letting The Man put his hidden cameras inside your ducts and portals, but sometimes we have to pull up and say, "Hey! This orgy might not be the soundest life decision for me at this time, despite the gains made by the sexual revolution of the '60s and the lessening of cultural 'taboos' which now almost permeates the mainstream with its sex, drugs, crime, lack of cleanliness, not checking the bus schedule and eating Chicken McNuggets! Enjoy your crabs, heathens, I'm voluntarily removing myself from this den of inequity and hitting a tea house or something." And then they'd never let you back in the Kiwanis Club again, but kudos to you for placing experience over expedience.

The first song is from James Brown, and it's... well, you really shouldn't be doing heroin, so I'm not gonna joke about it. I'll make jokes later when we get to bacterial and custodial concerns.

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