Songs Of The Day 10/26/2014: Deadbolt - "Patches The Clown" + "Return Of Patches"

Halloween Week: Had to do a last-minute switch today. I originally had a song for today that was more or less just someone externalizing their own inner demons which is great and all, but more suited for Good Friday or something like that. So three hours before press time I decided to replace it, which is always a hassle and a last-minute scramble that makes me look disorganized.

I've been watching American Horror Story: Freak Show, which so far is a little by-the-numbers, but at least they're all prime numbers. It's doing just enough to make me keep watching in the hope that it's going to say something new, original or surprising about a topic that's been covered quite amply before. Hopefully by then it will, or I'll be able to celebrate my capacity for disappointment. There's a killer clown in the show, an archetype a little past its shelf date if you ask me, and that made me remember the band that's bailed me out of indecisive Halloween Weeks before: Deadbolt.

San Diego's lovely, lovely Deadbolt. The Scariest Band In The World. The only band I've ever almost gotten into a fight over in a bar, because I was wearing one of their T-shirts that read "Fuck You Hippie" at King Solomon's Reef in Olympia. (Second time I've mentioned the Reef in 3 days! Gimme a patty melt!) A local granola farmer was unhappy with my shirt. We hugged it out. That was Olympia, back when. These days he'd actually haul off and hit me. Uneasy times for Oly and its granola farmers.

ANYWAY, Deadbolt has a pair of songs about homicidal "Patches The Clown" (no relation to J.P.), and I still have yesterday's twin-YouTube blog template in my files, so why not twofer? I put them both up here, but if you only have time for one before your racquetball date or your spinning class I'd actually go with "Return of Patches." It's concise and sets up the whole scene more effectively.

Photo © Quinn Hall

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