Song Of The Day 11/23/2014: The Books - "A Cold Freezin' Night"

I had something more ambitious planned for this entry -- the whole Thanksgiving week, in fact -- but took a couple of early-evening naps and threw the whole thing off schedule. It was a lot like a couple of weeks ago when I watched . I think my final viewing count was ten. So there's approximately one hour and fifty minutes of time gone when I could have been doing something creative or at least useful on my own. That doesn't include the likely hours of follow-up research, including interviews with the creator, purchasing his Kindle book, and reading more than a couple of impromptu dissertations on how perceptibly the American entertainment landscape had altered to allow for logical comical extensions, narrative-shifting and meta-commentary. Which was relatively accurate -- it was nice to see Andy Kaufman's name in stuff again -- but still amusing, 'cause I thought we covered this in an Evergreen class I was somehow persuaded to audit in 1994.

ANYWAY, one of those articles I read was on, 11 Things To Watch When You Get Sick Of "Too Many Cooks" and one of the things they featured was The Books' excellent sample montage "A Cold Freezin' Night." The Books assembled this piece using samples originally made on Talkboy kiddie audio recorders that were merchandised for the movie Home Alone 2. (Let the eBay rush begin.) In addition to hoping you enjoy this, I also apologize for putting the "Too Many Cooks" theme song back in your head.

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