Song Of The Day 11/27/2014: Weedeater - "Turkey Warlock"

So since it didn't happen I figured I'd tell you what my idea was for a Thanksgiving theme week. It was going to be the first batch of Songs of the Day in which the accompanying text was all fictional. I'd had five songs already picked out (since August, believe it or not), and a couple of days before launch I realized I didn't have any ideas for how to frame all the songs. Then I decided just to make it all up. No truth whatsoever. I then narrowed it down and got even more specific: I was going to do five short stories, no more than four paragraphs each, springing off the respective songs, and meditating upon notions of gratitude or thanks. I got as far as Day 1. The song was to be Talking Heads' "Thank You For Sending Me An Angel," and the character was a late 20something sitting at a bar, performing the very last mathematical calculation he'd ever attempt in his life. The powers of math were going to slip away, sentence by sentence, until he could barely do simple addition by the end of paragraph three. Then a woman would walk in through the bar door in a hoodie carrying a bookbag and a chocolate chalice she won in a raffle. And scene.

This is why I don't write fiction. Anyway, none of this came to pass, the last four days were filled in with putty, and instead of a great Thanksgiving finish I'm giving you stoner rock for both the turkey-indulgent and the tryptophan-addled. I got your Artist's Way for you right here. Happy Thanksgiving.

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