Song Of The Day 12/10/2014: The Wasps - "Teenage Treats"

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2014: This was cut from Untitled Punk Week. According to my notes it was cut because I was "not sure it was punk." I don't know what kind of formaldehyde I was guzzling on that day, because playing it back now I can hear that it most certainly is punk. However, it's both alarming and a bit impressive that I have arguments with myself whether something's punk or not. I don't recall ever getting into rows with anyone as to whether anything was punk or not in the past. I heard rumors of these arguments. I must have read some transcripts. Anyway, the point being, I have thoroughly vetted whether this sucker was punk enough, and now aver that it's met whatever malleable, undefinable threshold I've subconsciously enacted. It's come back from the lab. It's been tested on grandparents. It's punk.

Untitled Punk Week was great. It was a lot of work, though. More work than I like to put into this enterprise. I went out of my way to line up bands I'd not heard of, or at least heard much of, and in many cases I had to search places I don't normally go to obtain historical information. Sometimes it was scant even then, so I think I either came up with jokes or made stuff up. That's the problem I had with the Wasps, whose great punk single "Teenage Treats" was enough of a winner that it got them on John Peel. Of course it wasn't that hard to get on John Peel back in those days, from what I can tell. Still prestigious, but not that hard. John Peel might argue that point, of course, but he can't now. He's otherwise detained. Make it a great Wednesday!
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