Song Of The Day 12/25/2014: Robert Earl Keen - "Merry Christmas from the Family"

Christmas Week: This song probably represents my ideal Christmas from about 12 years ago. Our family Christmases aren't nearly as fueled by processed cheese and cigarette butts as this song, which has become a favorite of country artists who play arenas larger than Robert Earl Keen's. We don't have any wood paneling, there's no liquor in our house, we have all the extension cords we need (we could use more electrical outlets in the house though), and Lucie, being ten, isn't bringing over any boyfriends. There's a chance we could erupt into "Feliz Navidad," I suppose. We're not eating most of the comestibles as shown in this video. We have a brunch planned, the specifics of which I wasn't clear on until about 9:30pm last night. In fact I'm still not clear. I'm hoping at least one cured meat will be shot out of a T-shirt cannon or something.

Whatever, I'm just rambling from the anticipation. I already got a sweet fused-glass coffee coaster with a Roman numeral "XII" on it (it's a Seahawks thing), so tomorrow I'm expecting to really clean up in the area of Dixie cups and sentiment. Hope you're having a fantastic time with the family, the friends, the obligations, or the late night showings of The Interview. Merry Christmas from the family.

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