Songs Of The Day 12/18/2014: The Greene County Boys - "It Must Be A Virus" + "Halitosis Beats No Breath At All"

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2014: And our final outtake from this year of Songs Of The Day (and yes, there were even outtakes from this series of outtakes, which would compound the feelings of rejection even more so I won't identify what they were) was cut from all sense of what is moral and decent and good in the world, and also from Housekeeper's Holiday. It was from an album by The Greene County Boys titled, and there aren't enough groveling apologies in the world for this title, Placenta Preview. The whole thing was featured earlier this year on WFMU's blog, so it's not like it hasn't gotten larger exposure elsewhere.

An explanation, clearly, is in order, by way of WFMU:
"This album was the first of three that were put out by the Green County Medical Society for scholarship aid to medical students. These albums were sold at the society’s headquarters in Springfield, MO for 3.25 each. All of the bands members were doctors from the area. The record was sold in a plain white sleeve with no information to speak of."
Very little other information about Placenta Preview is out there. One can safely say the album delivers everything you'd expect from a bunch of physicians who live in the Ozarks. Other songs from this precursor to Appetite For Destruction include "Thanks For the Referral," "I Married an Aciphidity Bag" and "Pass-A No Gas." The two songs featured today are as close to "Get Lucky" as anything else on the album.

Yeah. Let's just cut straight to the holiday music. In 3, 2...

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