Song Of The Day 1/11/2015: The Newcomers - "The Martian Hop"

Most of you are probably aware that I've long sought a way to combine my deep love for R&B music of the '60s and '70s with my great interest in outer space exploration. Plans so far have been scuttled, to be kind. I should have known that my Spinners albums are never safe around black holes, that Kepler 186f hasn't the proper acoustics for any of my Stax-Volt box sets, and that the Sirens of Titan really couldn't give a good goddamn about Parliament whether they had a Mothership Connection or not. (I also found out that Millie Jackson wasn't the greatest person to be stuck with for three weeks in an international space station, but that was a clerical mix-up.)

Thankfully we have the Newcomers' remake of the '60s novelty hit "The Martian Hop" to fall back on as a resource, and also to work my way out of this somewhat last-minute Song Of The Day text with grace and deference. Go Hawks.
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