Song Of The Day 2/11/2015: ApologetiX - "The Real Sin Savior"

Quarterly Covers Report: I’m very wary about treading upon religious subjects on this blog. I have to ask myself: Is that what Sun Myung Moon would have done? But in the case of ApologetiX I have to at least momentarily shelve my heathen leanings, especially when they give me something like this.

ApologetiX are the only known “Christian parody band,” sort of a cross (ahem) between “Weird” Al and any of the pop evangelists who have not been censured for tax evasion or shenanigans with escorts. They’re from Pittsburgh, city of champions, and their song titles are many and just this side of humorous:

  • "The Devil Went Down to Jordan”

  • “Bethlehemian Rhapsody” (actually about David vs. Goliath)

  • “Fly Like Ezekiel”

  • “We’re Not Goin’ to Canaan”

  • “You’re So Plain” (“You had one sign then and there for them / The water turned to wine / And all the world knew that they’d seen a prophet / They’d seen a prophet and…”)

  • “Hell Smells”

  • “More Than a Healing”

  • “You’ve Got Another King Comin’”

My favorite track of theirs, and frankly a pretty impressive achievement, is their take on “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem. This is a masterpiece of micro-detail: These guys really study their sources and do some admirable consonant matching, especially if you’re familiar with the original. I mean, c’mon guys: “Will Smith don’t gotta discuss the Christian path to salvation / Well, I do – it af-FECTS him and af-FECTS you too!” I may be frying like a Twinkie at the Mississippi State Fair when I’m done here, but that’s just gold. Like that calf.

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