Song Of The Day 3/5/2015: The Meat Purveyors - "666 Pack"

Actual Country Week: You’ll squeeze some mighty fine bluegrass out of The Meat Purveyors. They are/were from Austin TX, a community that’s about to be overrun by aloe vera samples, food truck apps and 8:30am presentations delivered from underneath a whiskey-singed hangover. There’s a guy in the Meat Purveyors named Bill Anderson, who is not the legendary Nashville songwriter Bill Anderson, but garners plenty of acclaim since he’s in the Austin Music Hall of Fame. Their site on Bloodshot Records – whose catalog I’m plundering so much this week that they should really consider a highly-paid sponsorship – enticingly states that they “boast a personal history that would shame Fleetwood Mac, and wood shedding that sends so-called roots revivalists, snooty bluegrass purists, and alt-country poseurs into paroxysms of self-doubt and years of expensive therapy.” Can I receive your notarized exhortations of “Hell Yeah!” in triplicate?

“666 Pack” is from the Purvs’ 2006 album Somebody Soon Things Will Be Much Worse! It also includes a hot-blooded bluegrass version of Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded.” Other titles in the Meat Canon include All Relationships Are Doomed to Fail and More Songs About Buildings and Cows, fulfilling my longtime ambition to complete a paragraph almost entirely with great album titles.
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