Song Of The Day 3/13/2015: The Exits - "The Fashion Plague"

Overpop: The '70s: I don’t know much about The Exits. This page at proclaims not to know that much about them either. “The Fashion Plague” is the the A-side of the only single they ever put out. It reached #7 on a “New Wave Chart” I came across that frankly looked photocopied. You can hear a lot of Elvis Costello in their vocal inflections and the general aim of their lyrics. Give me a minute here.

Oh, okay! They were from the South London areas of Battersea and Tooting. Battersea’s got a gigantic power station that was used on the cover of Pink Floyd’s Animals album. Tooting looks like it has some good restaurants. The Exits opened up some shows for Screaming Lord Sutch, which got them something of a reputation around South London. Their songs were primarily written by the guitar-bass team of Geno Buckmaster and Colin Swan, a pair of names that really deserved to be seen on many, many more 45rpm songwriting credits than they were. “Buckmaster/Swan.” I think I’m going to create a character with that name. The Exits, true to their name, ended quickly.

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