Song Of The Day 4/13/2015: Low - "Try To Sleep"

You Pick the Artist III: Brooks Martin gave me an artist for the second day in a row. Which got me to thinking maybe I should have a one-entry-per-person policy for You Pick The Artist Week. But then I thought: This is a dog-eat-dog world. Why do I penalize the A-types, the ravenous pit bulls of audience participation, just because their enthusiasm and go-get-it-iveness give them the breaks the more slackened and low-tempered of you let slip? What message would that send? How would that inspire anybody? What about the children? Exactly! This here blog’s gonna work off the Rand-ian principles of objectivism and individualism! Who is John Galt?? Brooks! Brooks is John Galt! All the rest of you can just drop your executive washroom keys in any public mailbox at your earliest convenience! I’m gonna order some special 2-play toilet paper and hand soap for Brooks and none of you can have any!

Where was I? Oh, yeah.

Brooks gave me Low. I interviewed Alan Sparhawk – or, as those eagle-eyed headline editors at The Seattle Times renamed him, “Alan Sparkhawk” – in 2011. He was a somewhat recessive but very personable subject who expressed amazement that a journalist who’d actually heard his music was talking to him. I’ve been able to parlay that intensive, artist-and-audience-acclaimed research tactic into absolutely nothing. The album Low was promoting at that time was C’mon, the work of theirs that I’m most agreeable with, and “Try to Sleep” is one of my favorite songs of this decade so far. This hits me straight in the melancholy caucasian G-spot, and the video contains John Stamos’ best performance since ER. Maybe, dare I say it, Full House. Thanks Brooks!

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