Song Of The Day 6/20/2015: The Modulators – “Spin Me Around”

This special-effects-laden video tribute to disembodiment in the name of love is from the Modulators. I've been led to believe the Modulators were -- or are, actually, they're very much still around -- the prototypical New Jersey rock band of the '80s. I know, I know -- but the Modulators were on The Uncle Floyd Show. Were Springsteen or Bon Jovi ever on the freakin' Uncle Floyd Show? [Note: Well, yeah, Bon Jovi was. -- Ed.] The Modulators were formed amongst the shelves of Vintage Vinyl Records in Irvington, during the golden era of independent record stores when there was nothing sexier than being a small record store owner. They were nowhere nearly as neurotic as Rob Gordon in High Fidelity, who now works in home insurance. The Modulators have allegedly played the Dirt Club in Bloomfield more than any other artist in history. Read 'em an' weep, Air Supply!

"Spin Me Around" hits every button I had in the mid-'80s, especially the Marshall Crenshaw button I bought at The Beat in Sacramento. Yes, Marshall Crenshaw used to be on buttons before he was on commemorative plates. And I can't say enough about this beautifully preserved video, which has all the hallmarks of an independently produced effort. I like how the director explored every single facet of heads, bodies, even drum sets in the editing stage. I believe every Modulator gets a spin in the rotation motif. Additionally, lead singer Joe Riccardello gets two bonus rounds of counter-clockwise head emergences. Hey, he's coming up from the bottom of the screen. Wait! Now his head's titled at a 90-degree angle and he's coming in from the right! B-b-b-but hold on -- now he's coming in from the top, and dig this, he's upside down! Hey! Slow down, Mr. Spielberg! I got no way of knowing where's he's gonna come from next! [Note: The left side, head again tilted. -- Ed.]
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