Yes, I'm aware that if you're looking at the front page of this blog in Google Chrome, it looks broken. It's being fixed.

Hello, I'm Paul Pearson, curator of the blog Paul Pearson. Just a brief programming note here. Last week, around the time Google released their latest version of the Chrome browser for Android, the top story on the front page started looking all screwed up. The blog title is running over the date icon, and the teaser text that normally goes in the space below it was seriously truncated.

This is only happening if you view this blog in Chrome, pretty much any version. If you're viewing it in Firefox or Safari, it looks fine. If you're viewing it in Internet Explorer the blog looks fine, but you may be broken. Ba-BING!

Anyway, I immediately wrote about this problem to Google, who own the Blogger platform, and explained what was going on. Google's response was instantaneous, very thorough and full of detai -- I'm kidding, of course. They've yet to respond. However, I reported the problem to an open source bug resolution squad called Chromium, and even though it hasn't shown up as fixed yet, they've been really on trying to figure out what's wrong with it, and a solution may be near. I have no idea what they're saying in their status reports but I trust they do, and want to thank them publicly for taking this on so diligently. It's like the exact opposite of dealing with Comcast.

That's all. Just wanted to explain what's happening here. I blame the Google logo change myself. First they come for our serifs, next they're gonna come for our guns! WAKE UP SHEEPLE.

Carry on. Thanks.

A simulation of what the front page of this blog currently looks like in Chrome. You Firefox and Safari users can just silently laugh to yourself.

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