Song Of The Day 9/4/2015: Jefferson Airplane vs. Fatboy Slim (Lobsterdust) – “Somebody to Praise”

M*A*S*H*U*P Week '15 – So you’ve got Jefferson Airplane here, arguably the flagship group of San Francisco ’60s hippie pop (I don’t consider the Dead “pop”), with one of their two signature hits (the one that’s not about psychedelics, at least not overtly), going up against Norman Cook and his hangar-sized sampler. I believe the two had certain brands of drugs in common, but never having delved that much into pharmaceuticals that don’t come in a can, I’m not entirely certain which ones.

Surprisingly this is very effective. I like the way the mashup artist, one “Lobsterdust,” transposes Grace Slick’s “love” into the famous sample-and-hold portion of “Praise You” (“somebody to love-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove”). I also like the juxtaposition of the videos, both of which feature some nifty moves in proletariat dancing. Bring it back to the people, man. Come down to the meeting at the co-op; we’re gonna try and figure out how to bust those two theremin players outta the county jail. They’re totally being held in defiance of the treaty thrown down at the Moog Convention.

By the way, this is still the greatest music video ever made.

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