Song Of The Day 10/25/2015: Scroobius Pip – “The Struggle”

Halloween Week – I feel like I've been in a cortisone-addled improv group for a week and the hangover didn't quite wrap itself up, but here we are anyway. Halloween Week '15. My costume this year, as usual, will be a Mummenschanz player with a fear of commitment. Or perhaps Donald Sutherland's understudy from National Lampoon's Animal House. Or maybe the Michelin Man. Whatever involves the least possible deviation from my normal wardrobe. I don't know. My main objective for this week is to make the kids happy while dodging Fun Size Snickers. Perhaps I'm taking the romance out of the whole thing. Anyway. On to the music. We have music for you this week. That's more than you can say for a lot of other people, y'know?

Starting off with something truly alarming from Scroobius Pip, who I'm sorry to say is not a character Charles Dickens invented when he dropped LSD and wrote for H.R. Pufnstuf. He's a rapper and spoken word artist from Essex UK, and in fact named himself after an Edward Lear poem. "The Struggle" dates all the way back to 2011 and was produced by Steve Mason of the constantly longed-for Scottish group The Beta Band. I realize that if the sneaky gore of the music video doesn't put people off, they may be alarmed by the slow-burning, early-Kid-Rock vibe which hasn't always worked in all applications. But stick with it, please, if for no other reason than the failsafe, priceless tag line right at the end of each verse. It's true, man. So true.

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