Song Of The Day 12/4/2015: The Records – “Spent a Week With You Last Night”

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2015 – Today's number was cut from Overpop: The '70s, another one of my infrequent attempts to make power pop popular for a change, or at the very base try to understand why it never got as popular as we pinched-nostrilled writers always thought it should. My preliminary determinations have something to do with the advent of the guttural open fifth chord and its aquiline grip on the hormonal spores of young men between the arrival of Iron Butterfly and the first Boston album. Such huffing made it very difficult for major thirds and, God forbid, major sevenths to thrive. Suddenly such noises were ascribed a delicacy, a certain epicene air, that got waylaid by the hordes of Valhalla and their lumbering quarterstaffs. Then they came for our Rickenbackers and turned them into cheap serving trays, the kind you'd find in a disheveled trailer park that served up Vienna sausages and Ritz crackers. Believing sucks, man. Anyway, so here's a perfectly agreeable song by the Records that we can listen to as we cower beneath the sharply shot flames, clinging to our Marshall Crenshaw albums like they were gemstones.  

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