Song Of The Day 12/18/2015: Carol Jiani – “Hit‘n Run Lover”

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2015 – This song was cut from... from... you know, I don't remember what this was cut from. Going back over the list of themes I ran in 2015, I can't find one that this might've been appropriate for. It was just at the bottom of my editorial calendar all by itself with no indication of where it came from or what it was supposed to be attached to. I figure if I took the time to put it down on the calendar then I must have thought it distinctive for some reason. Obviously I didn't want to overlook it. However, hearing it now I don't know what that feature is, or what I thought it was. It's perfectly serviceable '80s disco, but something I want to stop the presses for? It might have been one of those orphan Songs Of The Day that I was planning on building a theme week around, but I can't imagine what that theme would have been. Probably one of my stray disco ideas that usually get tossed shortly after their ill-begotten conception. Do you remember what it was? Did it involve Casablanca Records or cocaine in any way? Help me out?

That's it for this year's outtakes. Tomorrow begins the March of the Christmas Songs. And then sickness and death. Enjoy!

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