Song Of The Day 12/21/2015: Frank Sidebottom – “Christmas Is Really Fantastic” + "Oh Blimey It's Christmas"

Christmas Week – Frank Sidebottom, the papier-mâché alter ego of the late Chris Sievey, was originally featured here back in February during the winter Quarterly Covers Report. I don't quite understand the hold Sidebottom has over me. The fulsome British-ness of the concept? The beauty of his rickety, idiotic energy? My occasional desire to stick my head inside an enclosure and not come out for a while? Whatever the reason, I find Frank Sidebottom is the perfect complement to my chilly urban lifestyle and the values I espouse. Such a figure is almost cookie-cut for Christmas recordings and I'm pleased to report Sidebottom left us with plenty to choose from. Here are two. I slightly prefer the second, as I usually prefer compositions which insert the word "blimey" into the affair.

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