Song Of The Day 12/24/2015: Shane MacGowan & the Popes – “Christmas Lullaby”

Christmas Week – I know for a fact that it's going to be a great Christmas for everyone, because my Facebook news feed kept reminding me for some reason that a long-simmering global crisis has finally come to a biting end: Shane MacGowan got new teeth. It's been awhile since he got them, I believe, but the news is really being hammered home now because there's a new documentary, Shane MacGowan: A Wreck Reborn, which is pretty much all about the procedure he went through. The doctor who performed the surgery, Darragh Mulrooney, actually called repairing Shane's chompers "the Everest of dentistry." (Pogues tribute band name alert.) I was fascinated to learn that a good part of the damage Shane's original teeth suffered was due to his biting off a piece of a vinyl copy of The Beach Boys' Greatest Hits Vol. 3, in an attempt to demonstrate how he felt about American culture. "Yeah, I was out of my head," he said sheepishly. Since Christmas is also Shane's birthday, I thought we'd spend tonight with the Christmas song of his that isn't "Fairytale of New York." Here's a picture of Shane's new, improved bicuspids taken by his girl. Things aren't ever going to be the same again. I think I'll go have some taffy.

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