Songs Of The Day 1/8/2016: Nirvana – “Even In His Youth"

B-Sides Week '16 – Hard to figure it but this feature's been using up valuable web space for nearly four years and I've never put a Nirvana song up here. Done Billy Joel and Bryan Adams twice but never Nirvana. Where are my priorities? I kind of sheepishly confess, Nirvana was at least a contributing factor to my moving to the Northwest in the first place. Not that I had any untoward intentions of stalking them or anything. I trusted other people had that covered. The more I think about it, I was probably just as influenced by the Posies as much as Nirvana. Now, I did stalk the Posies, but except for a couple shows when I actually bought tickets, all my Posies stalking was completely coincidental. Just happened to be in the same room. Like, ten or eleven times. Anyway, they both played a part in my decision, unwittingly. I apologize to them both if there's any residual creepiness in that statement. It's been a long time. I've moved on.

The only time I saw Nirvana was at the King Cat Theatre in Seattle, when they played a benefit for the investigation of the murder of the Gits' Mia Zapata, which was unsolved at the time. It took place a little more than a month before the release of In Utero. Tad and Hater were also on the bill. I remember Nirvana playing "Milk It" at that show. A few months later I moved to Olympia, where Nirvana first got going. My wife used to see him around town from time to time. We didn't know each other then. I finally got a radio show, Shrug Festival, on KAOS in March 1994. The night of April 5 was either my second or third episode. Unfortunately I had some Nirvana-related news I had to talk about that night. I don't think I was as eloquent as I could have been. It was probably the shock.

"Even In His Youth" was one of the songs that came on the CD single of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (too lazy to give a link -- I trust you can find it). " Aneurysm" was on it too. 

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