Songs Of The Day 2/13/2016: Five Billy Joel covers

Quarterly Covers Report – There's an epic article I'm currently writing for Treble which, once and for all, will unpack my nearly lifelong love/hate/tolerate relationship with Billy Joel. I was hoping to have it done by today to link up with today's post, but unfortunately my particular neurosis in this regard seems a little deeper than I budgeted for. So we're just gonna run with these five covers of four BJ songs I tracked down in efforts to deny myself any feelings. They're all wonderful. Just wonderful.

Bayside - “Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)” - I think this is the only contemporary punk song that I've featured on Song Of The Day. I left the quotes off the word "punk" (except for that) because I didn't want to look any more like an unhip dad than I already am. This is  a game effort to radicalize one of the better Billy songs out there.

Ronnie Spector & the E Street Band - “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” - The original version was a direct lift from the satchel of Phil Spector, so it's only fitting that Ronnie Spector gave her own reading. I did not know this was recorded with Bruce's E Street Band, though. I'm happy to know this exists.

Heideroosjes - “De Wereld Draait Door”+ Otto Waalkes - “Wir Haben Grund Zum Feiern” - These are two foreign-language covers of what Billy might tell you himself is his worst song, "We Didn't Start the Fire." I have no idea what lyrics Heideroosjes are singing, but Otto Waalkes conducts a quick inventory of the alcoholic beverages in his immediate reach.


Ween - “Piano Man” - Exactly what's needed.

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