Song Of The Day 2/15/2016: Wayne Butane – “Dead Monkey Arcade”

Songs From the Spreadsheet – Sound collages. They're a lot of fun. Not being currently enrolled in an audio engineering class I have very little reason to make them anymore, but when I come across a good one I get that little mist in my eyes. Very little is known about Wayne Butane even though he's been doing sound collages since 1974. In the last only interview I could find with him, which unsurprisingly is very brief and curtly answered, he claims residency in the middle of the Arizona desert. That works for me. I can easily picture this gentleman stuck in the middle of the Sonoran Desert in a detached mobile trailer with spools of tape, a couple of televisions and a Mac circa 1995 expertly chopping up shards of our shared pop culture experience, relating it back to us in the only way that really makes sense. I think the sparseness of the landscape probably helps him focus. "Dead Monkey Arcade" is a nice example of his craft. I wish I had this much of an attention span.

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