Song Of The Day 2/29/2016: The Godfathers – “Those Days Are Over”

Dropped Off In the '80s – This week's theme is a little difficult to define. But they ain't getting any easier in general, know what I mean? It's about the more modest rock bands that cropped up in the wake of new wave, kind of post-post punk, that got (or could have got) some hot flares of attention from MTV but ultimately didn't survive the demise of the decade. They're all good bands, pretty much. They were well-equipped with admirable points of view and at least fairly decent media presence. Ah, just figured out a possible angle: They were bands we tended to root for. They made big splashes and we were interested in where they would go from their point of origins. But then the promotion cycle would begin for the next work they put out, and for whatever reason they just vanished without much in the way of comment. But they've been treated with just enough phenol to keep them present in some way. Jeez, I make them sound like meat. It's only the best meat, I swear. None of that generic unspecific 7-11 meat. Actual meat.

Let's take the Godfathers. A London band that wore very attractive suits and had a big hit on what was once called "the Modern Rock charts" in 1988 with "Birth, School, Work, Death" from the album of the same name. They seemed to pick up on a brand of nihilism that was a little ahead of its time. That kind of pessimism didn't really come into fashion until last week at some point. Their next album More Songs About Love & Hate contains today's track, a tune that popped into my head fairly often before today without my ever really remembering who it was. Well, that quandary's solved. Back to Zumba.

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