Song Of The Day 3/8/2016: Destroy All Monsters – “Bored”

Cherry Red – Destroy All Monsters was a confab between members of legendary Detroit bands The Stooges and The MC5 centered around singer Niagara. In Iain McNay's history of Cherry Red Records that I kept forgetting to link to last night he enthused, "I hadn’t actually heard the record, but had a strong feeling that it must be good. I wrote to Detroit, offering $500 to license the record, and received the master tape in the post a few weeks later. Fortunately I liked it, and so did many others as it sold over 7,000." That's kind of the way I program this blog, except I long ago distanced myself from the mere notion of cash flow.

Destroy All Monsters were named after what was originally conceived as the final Godzilla film of the original series from Japan. It was rated "G" in America. Mothra actually got top billing over Godzilla, which I'm sure really ticked off the entourage. If I'm reading the chronology right "Bored" was the first recording put out by Cherry Red that wasn't by The Tights. Unfortunately when Cherry Red brought Destroy All Monsters over to play live in Europe they apparently didn't bring their A-game. New Musical Express headline their concert review "Niagara Fails."

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