Song Of The Day 3/27/2016: Leatherface – “Springtime”

I fielded this request from Andy Lewis. At first he suggested I subvert the dominant paradigm and program something from Disco Nöel, an idea which I quickly warmed to until I remembered, "Hey... wait a second, I'm the dominant paradigm on this damn blog! What would it say if I subverted myself?" Then I said, "But don't you already do that?" Then I said, "No, no. Self-sabotage is not the same thing as self-subversion. Sabotage's an all-out assault." Then I said, "You're calling nihilism sabotage?" "Of course! What else would it be?" "Well, sabotage implies some level of planning, whether conscious or otherwise, whereas nihilism is a blind rejection of all values that requires little planning except to reject and destroy." "Oh, I see what you're saying. Well, then, I guess I couldn't be nihilistic since I'm using the tools of the establishment." "Whoa, whoa, whoa... the internet's the tool of the establishment? I thought it was the ejaculate mechanism of the under-educated provocateur." "So it is nihilism!" "No, it's not. Look... do you keep a schedule?" "Of course." "Okay. So it isn't nihilism." "Do you even know what nihilism means?" "What do you... well, honestly, no, I'm not entirely clear on the basics of the concept. Do you know?" "....No." "Okay.""But I think it would be very nihilistic to say that." "To talk about things you don't know about?" "Yeah." "To feign knowledge?" "You don't even have to feign knowledge. In fact it's almost better if you look stupid." "What are we talking about again?" "Yeah, see? Just like that!" "Like what?" "Who's on first?" "Ha-ha-ha. What're you trying to do, sabotage yourself?" "Usually, yeah. But I thought it might be time to subvert the dominant paradigm." "Oh, okay. Well, hurry up, it's almost lunch."

So here's Leatherface. Thanks Andy!

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