Song Of The Day 3/29/2016: William Shatner – “Common People”

Geez, is it that time again? Four years now?

In case you didn't start following this blog until this past year, which return data seems to indicate is the case for many of you, today is the Song Of the Day feature’s 4-year anniversary. As is tradition I'm featuring a William Shatner recording today. This one is rather good.

Did I expect SOTD to last four years? No. I didn't know if it would go four months. Its beginnings as a hail-Mary to keep my hand in music writing and land a more fulfilling editorial occupation are now distant recollections. I'm afraid that in creating original music content every day for four years straight I have now marketed myself to potential music-related employers as “Paul Pearson, the guy who’ll just do that shit for free. Let’s have our head of Accounts Payable interview Kanye West! Or better yet, where’s that intern? Chip! Put down that toner cartridge! Yeezus awaits your penetrating questions!”

In my mind they’re all named “Chip.” By the way, I’ll relocate. I don’t think I’ve stressed that enough. I’ll relocate, okay?

Sorry. No, I’m not. Screw it. Anyway, four years later, here we are. Well, here I am. It’s been nice. It’s been consistent. Readership is up about 30% over last year. There’s more stuff. Ideas are a little bit easier to come up with. Everyone’s been supportive. As we start Year 5 I have some general ideas about where this is all going, but I’ll have to tell you on a need-to-know basis.

Thanks for all your support — it really, actually does mean a lot to me that you all feel strongly about this feature and keep coming back. As you were.

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