Song Of The Day 4/2/2016: Hank Williams Jr. – “The F Word”

Hope you liked yesterday's April Fools joke. Pardon the writing. It was like what a lot of film critics like to call a "fever dream." And thanks for actually sticking around and listening to the... song, I guess you'd call it. A lot of people saw the Rick Astley picture in their feeds and just assumed that I was doing a straight-up Rickroll, when in fact it was a reverse Rickroll. The actual piece I featured was by some British guy who did an unnervingly large (but generally brilliant) number of hyper-edited, glitchy cut-up YouTube videos before retiring to a less high-strung place in the country. The things we do for love.

Speaking of April Fools, last year Kid Rock played an unwitting part in what remains one of my favorite pieces of writing on this blog, in which "Morrissey" analyzed his song "Bawitdaba." I suppose it would have gone over better if more people had read Morrissey's Autobiography. Kid Rock harmonized with Hank Williams Jr. in today's featured song, after the two "rebel sons" had become fast friends, bridging the rival worlds of country and hip hop even before Nelly and Tim McGraw did. "The F Word" was a fun little nugget from Bocephus' not-bad album The Almeria Club Recordings. Williams here counsels both Kid Rock and his own wild progeny Hank III ("Shelton," his kid's actual first name) against using the most dreaded of obscenities, because it's something you just never say when performing country music. Unless, that is, you're really drunk and unable to remember the words to "Family Tradition" in front of a hostile crowd.

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