Song Of The Day 4/11/2016: The Intruders – “Love Is Like a Baseball Game”

Baseball Week – Baseball season started last week. And for us Mariners fans it ended this weekend after a home-stand sweep by the Oakland A's. We'll see you in September when the NFL starts. Have a great summer!

....Okay, it's way too soon, even for Seattle, to give up on a baseball season. It's just a little habit we've developed after, you know, forty years of documented history. But, all right, I'll point my chin up just for you. What should be far more disturbing is my decision to run a week of baseball-themed songs. It's not that they're bad (today's song by the Intruders sure isn't), it's just that it's almost too easy. What American pastime generates the most metaphors? Baseball. What sport tells the story of America in the 20th century effectively where others fall short? Baseball. What sport made one of the greatest rock songwriters of all time pen the most saccharine tribute paired with a basic misunderstanding of how drum machine handclaps are supposed to work? Baseball. But at the same time, it's a low-risk/high-reward for music bloggers, and it cuts down on the work.

I've got five songs this week, plus a possible playlist on Saturday. The first three songs deal explicitly with baseball-as-metaphor, or at least -simile. So does the fourth, but its story is a little deeper as it's my favorite baseball song of the rock era. The fifth is just an excuse to throw profanities around. It's already sounding like a baseball game, isn't it? I think I'll go cuss out an umpire.

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