Song Of The Day 4/18/2016: Roy Wood – “Miss Clarke and the Computer”

The Randomizer – I don't wanna go into details as to why this is the case, but I do think you at least deserve to know the basics of the situation: My long-range planning for Song Of The Day has kind of tapered off. I'm sure if you're a hardcore follower of this blog you can probably guess that the development of the Star Time radio show (now working on Episode 4, still no start date) and all the Mixcloud mixes (the next one's topical and might be out by the end of the month) have cut into my prose activities. There are other factors I'm not at liberty to discuss yet.

Whatever, the point is the last three theme weeks, including this one, have all been spur-of-the-moment, minutes-to-deadline decisions. When I realized I wasn't going to come up with a unifying theme this week, I just dipped back into the well of rainy-day ideas I had stockpiled last summer and pulled out The Randomizer. It's not terribly different than my associate Andras Jones' Radio8Ball, except mine's a lot less thoughtfully planned and can't aspire to any real import whatsoever. I just wandered into my personal digital music stash, hit random play and filled up the schedule for the next six days. I skipped songs there was no point in my talking about, so it's even less honest than that. The first song that came up was today's selection from Roy Wood's stone-cold beautiful solo album Boulders, one of his typically idiosyncratic yet yearning pop songs, anticipating the onset of our ever-closer relationships with technology. This may have also been covered in the '80s rom-com Electric Dreams but I won't do the blow-by-blow comparison.

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