Song Of The Day 4/21/2016: Sweethearts of the Rodeo – “So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)”

The Randomizer – This is one of the straggler songs in my collection that I don't know how I came across. There are a bunch of those that I've gotten over the last 18 years of digital music hoarding. About two years ago I finally had the idea that if they weren't part of an album or various-artist comp that I knew of, then I'd shuttle them under the fake album title "(Genre) Archive." So far I have three archives: Rock, R&B and Country. I sometimes picture songs that have gotten into the Archives as lone wolves who strayed from the path, but that's not really accurate because it's through no fault or decision of their own. That's when I presuppose that I have some sort of lordship over these teeming hordes of straggler songs, but that's ridiculous because we never had a relationship that could ever pass over into a master-subordinate hierarchy. I guess there's no harm in envisioning them as a stack of 45s, the kind I used to have when I was younger and got scuffed up beyond all recognition because I took horrible care of my vinyl when I was a kid. It's actually for the best that physical media is in recession for me. Reduces that responsibility. I'm OCD about information. I'm not terribly well-versed in the art of material maintenance. I'm hoping one of my kids somehow disinherits the slob gene I have and turns into someone who relishes order and appearance. My money's on Hank.

Anyway, this is from the country archive. Sweethearts of the Rodeo covering an Everly Brothers song in 1988. It's a very nice song. Tonight's the first time I ever heard it. No idea where I got it.

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