Song Of The Day 4/25/2016: Cab Calloway – “Everybody Eats When They Come to My House”

More Songs About Eating and Food – Let's not forget in all of last week's sad passings and political intrigue that it's the James Beard Awards tomorrow people! The James Beard Awards go out to food people. They're the culinary world's own industry backrub. I hear it's being catered by Subway!

Looking for ways to tie this blog into major events so I can get more backstage passes to large gatherings to help reintegrate myself into society, I thought this would be a nice reason to do a week of songs about food. (No, we're not doing "Timothy" by the Buoys. Which was written by Rupert Holmes, incidentally.) I may throw on some recipes to tame the Good Housekeeping crowd. I recently attended a pan-searing workshop in which the instructor told the class that we should really write down the recipes every time we cook something on our own. In fact my boss has been on me to give her my Christmas Baked Ziti recipe, but I made the whole thing up and didn't take notes. So maybe this'll be a new revenue stream for me. I also want to break out of the linguistic conventions made necessary by many cookbooks. "Grind up those fennel seeds in the mortar like you're dealing with daddy issues." "Pre-heat the oven to whatever number the Showcase Showdown Wheel stops on times ten, or 450 degrees, whichever uses less math." "Soufflé's in the oven? What better time to practice Riverdance in the kitchen! No, no, don't do that, I'm just kidding. Work on your jazz hands instead."

Let's kick off this week with the much beloved Cab Calloway making some stretches with forced rhymes, but is nonetheless adorable.

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