Song Of The Day 4/26/2016: Cibo Matto – “Beef Jerky” + “Birthday Cake”

More Songs About Eating and Food – You know what tonight is. It's the James Beard Awards. I want to have a viewing party, but it's not televised. But if it were televised I'd have everyone over. We'd get some Tostitos Scoops with that queso dip in a jar, some Totino's Pizza Rolls, and all the flavors of Oreo cookies they now make which I believe number in the high 50's. We'd have Mountain Dew Red (I mean Mtn Dew Code Red) in big tumblers and wash it down with Faygo Grape. As soon as the chicken strips are out of the oven we'd be ready to go. And we'd trash-talk all the winners. "The hell? Do you know how many chanterelles that guy's murdered in cold blood?" "Are you kidding me?? I've had his manicotti! It's like a bull aorta with Heinz 57 all over it!" "If that's duck confit, then I'm a cornish game hen with an overbite!" "Rachael Ray snubbed again?? No justice no peace!" "It's like my mom always told me: Never bring sauerkraut to a kimchi party."

That's exactly how it would go. Here are two food songs by Cibo Matto.

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