Song Of The Day 5/14/2016: Frans – “If I Were Sorry” (Sweden)

I'm Ovision – Eurovision! 2016 – Last episode of the Eurovision week. I don't believe I've ever been more relieved to see a theme week end than this one. I just felt like I had nothing. Which might not be such a coincidence because the same could be said of Eurovision. What happened? Are they trying to effect a return to their higher artistic ambitions over there in Europe? They've backed off the kitsch factor in the very year they will probably get their best-ever ratings in America. Now people are going to watch the Logo Network tomorrow and wonder why they have to watch a very special musical episode of CSI: Branson. It's just a waste is what it is.

The final song this week is from last year's winning country, Sweden. The guy's name is Frans. He is one of the very, very few Eurovision 2016 participants about whom I won't say I like "despite of himself." I like whatever is stuck in his throat that's making him sing like that. I think it's one of those coffee-flavored cordials my parents used to down on contract bridge night. It's got a little depth. He's like Roland Gift from Fine Young Cannibals after swallowing a pint of something with antioxidants. I wouldn't want to hear it 24 hours a day, but I can't listen to anything 24 hours a day, except for Herman's Hermits. Who have also never won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Well, enjoy yourselves, whatever you do.

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