Song Of The Day 5/30/2016: The Premiers – “Make It Me”

Wax of Stax – These are not the same Premiers who had a big garage rock hit with "Farmer John." These Premiers lasted for one only single on Stax before shuttling off to other Stax groups or whatever held their interests after this. I don't have much more information on them. I have their names. Will that help? Carita Harrison, Eddie Harrion Jr., Fred Henderson, Quincy Billops, Billy Moore. Happy hunting. "Make It Me" was notable for being one of the earliest recorded collaborations between Stax songwriters Isaac Hayes and David Porter, who were just getting hot in 1966 when every group under the Stax banner started seeking their input. "Make It Me" is one of those in-between moments of soul testifying. You can't tell whether it's supposed to be a plaintive ballad or a dance number. I'm sure that's kind of how Hayes and Porter designed it. I like that rickety snare slap on the third upbeat of every measure. You'll know it when you hear it.

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