Song Of The Day 5/31/2016: The Memphis Nomads – “Don’t Pass Your Judgement”

Wax of Stax – Part of the problem of picking relative obscurities for Song Of The Day is the paucity of information available on said artists, even in this online age when everybody's height and weight is at the NSA's electronic fingertips. We saw that yesterday with the Premiers, and we're seeing it again today with the Memphis Nomads. This 1968 blue-eyed soul slice was the only single they put out. Apparently it was a benefit single, as all proceeds went to the March of Dimes.

I was able to track down an online writing anthology of sorts,, maintained by Jerry Murley, a former dean at the Vanderbilt School of Nursing who was a member of the Nomads. Mr. Murley passed away this past February. The site is an unusually compelling, historical portrait of his home state, and the characters and locations within. It's well worth your extended visit. The above picture of the Memphis Nomads is on TennesseeSoul, and Murley wrote a brief blurb about their one and only recording: "Though flawed, my personal opinion is that it represents the true character of the Nomads – the essence of our sound – and the real fun a few white boys could have in Memphis in the sixties."

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